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A few months ago my brother in law called me up and told me that he had purchased a beer brewing kit and that he was going to try his luck at making his own beer. Of course being known as the guy who has never seen a beer that he didn’t like I was immediately interested and decided it would be fun to help him brew the first batch.

To be honest I am not sure if it was the idea of helping him brew the first batch that interested me most or if it was the idea of helping him drink it afterwards that did it, but either way all I know is that I was ready.

The first kit that he ordered was an extract kit so it was relatively simple and a nice way for us to get our beer making feet wet. Once that first batch of beer was fermented and we were finally able to drink it I came to the conclusion that I might be hooked on home beer brewing for a long time and my brother in law is even more hooked than I am.

We are not experts on beer brewing and are continuously learning new things so this blog is simply here to show you what we learn and what we are brewing.

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